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MyFortDodge is locally owned and operated in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Established in 2007, we serve the Fort Dodge area with the latest local events, job openings, and news.

Have questions concerning MyFortDodge or our website building services? Contact us by email or by phone.

Please Note - Radio Contests: We are not affiliated with any of the local radio stations in Fort Dodge. If you're looking for information on a radio station contest, you won't find it here because it's not us.

History of MyFortDodge was originally created by Fort Dodge native Bill Grady as an e-commerce site to host KKEZ/KWMT's radio auction merchandise in February 2007. When the radio station ownership changed hands later that year, the agreement to host the radio auction on MyFortDodge was not continued by the new owners.

MyFortDodge was then converted to a social network platform in July 2007 and remained that way until September 2016. In September 2016, Bill Grady redesigned MyFortDodge to use only the most popular pages of the site gathered from visitor data over the previous 9 years.

The site continues to be locally owned and operated by Bill Grady, and has grown over the past decade through the support of local advertising, Bill's time, knowledge and resources, and the support of our community.

Thank You!

Phone and Email

Phone: (515) 573-5117

Email: [email protected]

131 Parkwood Circle, Fort Dodge, IA
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Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm