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I held the first book signing of my memoir A Tear-Stained Letter on September 8th in Carroll, Iowa.

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Comment by Bill Grady on September 12, 2011 at MyFortDodge.com
Congrats Vern!
Comment by Kris Durschmidt on October 25, 2011 at MyFortDodge.com

Congradulations!!: ..............Good Luck on Sales........I would like to buy one eventually, when the price goes down!!

  Will you be touring the country with your book signing??  I was at Changing Hands Book store tonight, not too far from where I live.  It is in Tempe, Arizona.  Will you be coming out here.  It is one of the few, great Independent Book stores that is thriving, when our Boarders, Barns and Noble and other book store chains, just didn't make it in this economy.  See changinghands.com.  Hope you come out here, would like to see and here about your book..you can contact the events coordinator at the listed numbers on this site..it's hooked on from the inside to Wildflower Bakery and homemade sandwiches and soups and great FREE refills on drinks!! ( I always get coffee and there is green tea on tab)..

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