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How to use Twitter and look like you know what you're doing

Have you noticed our Tweets on MyFortDodge?

While I've had a Twitter account for a number of years, like many people I haven't used it very much in the past.  I started using Twitter "just because" but never really stuck with it.  The reason: I didn't understand the language and applications of this thing called Twitter.

So why now?  Two good reasons actually.  The first and most important is my time. I'm busier than ever, back on the road more, and doing a daily or weekly blog just doesn't fit in my business or "real life" schedule anymore.  Twitter saves me a ton of time by allowing me to "micro-blog" and add new content to MyFortDodge in a very easy way with just a few words or by using a thing called "retweets".  You'll know I've retweeted something when you see the "RT @" text (i.e. RT @WXGrlMegs )

The second reason is that the news and information media (organizations and personalities) are heavy users of Twitter these days.  If you want to know what's going on right now at this very minute, or want to read some behind-the-scenes information or quickie stories you'll usually find it on their Twitter stream. Some of it is pretty good, unusually funny, and sometimes very revealing.

I plan to write more about Twitter as I continue to learn and gain additional hands-on experience with the application.  So far it's been fun and a good break for me as I was feeling the "Facebook burnout" or Facebook fatigue (you too?).

One great "Twitter - How To" site that I found which should get you started with all the basic Twitter terms, language, and tips is Mashable.com's Twitter Guide Book.  It not only has many easy-to-understand articles (Twitter for dummies, me included) but has a handful of helpful tutorial videos as well.

The information that you'll find will get you Tweeting like a professional and you may actually look like you know what you're doing when it comes to Twitter.

The other thing that I found helpful at Mashable.com was a possible answer to one of my most asked questions pertaining to social media:  Is there one tool that I can use that will allow me to update all my social media at once?  Check out a couple of Twitter tools TweetDeck and HootSuite.  I like TweetDeck just a bit better, but check both of them out for yourself.  My guess is one of these may be just the thing you've been looking for.

Happy Tweeting...and don't forget to follow us too at www.twitter.com/myfortdodge

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