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Fort Dodge Tornado - A note from the United Kingdom about May 1977 photo

Every once in a while, I'll get a note from a new member telling how they found our site.  This note comes from a very recent new member, Dr. Sara Robb who now lives in the United Kingdom, and it's perhaps my favorite.

So after gaining her permission yesterday, I'd like to share it with you:

"Dear Bill,

I thought I would tell you how I found your site. My 8 year old daughter, Jasmine, is doing school project. Jasmine chose weather as her topic. As part of her topic she wanted to interview a famous weather person. Jasmine emailed a weather lady from the BBC and also contacted Sir Michael Fish, a former weather man. Jasmine received very nice emails saying that they were too busy and so she decided to interview me because my house was damaged in the 1977 tornado. After she interviewed me we decided to see if we could find a picture of the damage in Fort Dodge. I searched for "Fort Dodge IA tornado May 4 1977. The first image I found was of my house on your blog. It is the picture with the trailer overturned by the boat. There is a boy on a bicycle in the picture who is probably a child from the neighborhood.

I have to say I was hoping to find any picture and expected to settle on a generic picture of tornado damage. I actually sat for a moment and had to digest the fact that we had found a picture of my house. I thought I really must join Bill's web group and say hello."


Dr. Sara Robb also wrote to me in a second note asking if I know who the boy on the bike is.  I do not, but if you do, please drop Dr. Robb a note here at MyFortDodge.

When I started this site nearly 4 years ago, I was hoping that we could connect people not only in town with each other, but from around the world.  This note from Dr. Sara Robb has made me feel like we did just that.

Thank you Sara for your note and your kind words. 

The Internet really does make our world a small one after all.

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