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How Fort Dodge has changed over the years.

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Comment by Marvin R. Mattfeld on November 5, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

Starliene Burch - The original YMCA was located on 1st Ave No., diagonally north and west of the old library.  The new YMCA was built between 1st Ave. No. and 1st Ave. So., and between 14th and 15th Streets, I believe.

Comment by Starliene Burch on November 5, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

I went to cooper elementary and I remember when a bus from the Y would stop at the school one night during the week and take us there for afterschool fun.

Comment by Starliene Burch on November 5, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

Does anyone know if the property where the YMCA  is located is where it has always been? 

Comment by Anthony (Tony) Adams on September 2, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

I started playing the organ live on KQTV and KVFD AM in 1960 (at age 12), playing on "The Barn Dance" many times and did some work as a "child model" for Gates Department Store on two different shows for Eve Rubenstien (especially on "Eve's Kitchen"). I did many Christmas "Specials" with Eve. The Barn Dance was my first time playing with a drummer, bass, and guitar players and I was there the night Herb Porter's son gave him a hot foot while he was singing on camera....LIVE.  At first, I was very nervous having a TV camera hovering over me while I played...and kept in mind the sign in the studio that read, "You will be watched by 30,000 people.....look sharp."  MY GOD!!! I finally just ignored that and played like we were all in someone's living room. The worst thing to do when you are on television is to look at yourself in the monitor. Rather freaky at times.


Dick was quite a hoot in those days...a bit on the crazy side, but lots of fun. He put the band I was in with Roger Dunker and Rick Wind on a Saturday afternoon show he tried that was patterned after Dick Clark's show....didn't pan out. When we played at some dance hall, night club or bar on Saturday night, all the musicians in town would gather either at Tony's Restaurant or the Pancake House east of town to mingle, joke around, and have something to eat before we went home - usually around 2 or 3 in the morning. Ah - those were fun days and long gone into the history books.....just like the hease I used to drive, taking my Hammond organ from gig to gig.

Comment by David Dahlke on September 2, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

I went to work for KQTV upon graduating from high school in 1960 as a cameraman and worked for them while attending J.C.  I remember the staff as they became a second family to me  Eve's Kitchen (I hosted it once), Dick's Fun House, the teen hop on Saturday afternoons and the Barn Dance on Saturday night.  Lots of fun and a real experience.

You might remember my Dad's gas station next to Tony's Restaurant west of the town.  Fort Dodge was an interesting place to grow up.  Sadly I haven't been back there but a few times since I left in 1963.    

Dave Dahlke

Comment by Greg Partello on January 25, 2013 at MyFortDodge.com

I was on Romper Room there in Fort Dodge in 67 or 68. I still have my Romper Room diploma.

Comment by Bill Grady on March 23, 2012 at MyFortDodge.com

Miss Janet was the hostess for Romper Room on KQTV in Fort Dodge, Iowa when this postcard was created around 1966.  The station, as we all know would later change it's call sign to KVFD-TV, Channel 21.  The station operated until May 4, 1977 when a tornado destroyed the broadcast antennae.  The local Fort Dodge television station was never rebuilt, but the license and frequency was transferred to IPTV which operates Channel 21 as a translator channel.

Comment by Marvin R. Mattfeld on August 9, 2011 at MyFortDodge.com


Perkins and Grant had to be part of the group that came to the Laramar with Cash in the mid '50's; truly the end of an era.  Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by Troy Hendrickson on August 9, 2011 at MyFortDodge.com
Comment by Troy Hendrickson on August 8, 2011 at MyFortDodge.com

No problem Bob, just remeber when you defend Fort Dodge, that too has an impact on peoples impressions as well when you're responding to informed criticism.


The Kohls 130 jobs is tempered by the fact that the city coughed $2 million in debt for it and the bulk of jobs appear to be close to minimum wage according to Kohls. Minimum wage jobs are better than no jobs, but you won;t buy a house, raise a family or rebuild a community on them. And there is an argument to be made about who benefits the most from deals like that. I'll warn you though Bob, you can disagree, but if you attack me as people from Fort Dodge are fond of doing, I'll just ignore you, and you'll end up confirming what many outside of Fort Dodge have learned during that casino silliness.


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