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How many FD Dodger's swimmers are there reading this?  Those of us in the classes of the early 60's, remember having to swim at North Junior High, the old high school, since they had cut the swimming pool from the budget of the new high school.  The ceiling was to low for a divers and it was only a 20 yard pool!!!


Is Coach Carr still living?  Someone told me he still is living and in Fort Dodge?  He always drove that light blue Lincoln Continental.


What fun we had on those out of town meets:  playing "In Between" and other poker games on the bus rides; getting snowed-in at an East Des Moines meet and had to sleep in the gym; the endurance challenges - how many laps one could swim underwater before coming up of air; etc.


We use to have an Alumni swim meet in December, over the holiday break.  Was always fun.  Those alumni still swimming in college couldn't swim their normal event, but still gave the varsity challenge.  Do they still have the meet? 


What do you remember????

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